New things coming!

Starting August 1st 2016, if you pre book your date with me at least by 8pm the day before please take $50 off your 1 hour date, $75 off your 90 minute date, or $100 off you 2 hours or longer date with me. I do work a real job and with you prebooking your date with me it really helps me plan my schedule so I would like to offer this in return for your respect for my schedule. I will still offer same day if my schedules allows just at my regular rate. ;-)

Also starting August 1st 2016, any evening or weekend dates will be at a 90 minutes minimum.

I am moving my I call to new location in the next couple of weeks so if you have seen me before at my current location I will need to give you the new information when you book our next date together. I can't wait for you to see my new place! ;-)